Fond memories

I have been daydreaming. Our family was fortunate to enjoy a few vacations in Hawaii. We did the typical tourist-y things but my favorite was our snorkeling trip off the island of Lanai. It’s one of my happiest memories of us as a family.

This wasn’t your typical, high-traffic snorkeling spot crowded with more tourists than fish. This was pure bliss. The water was deep and clear, the shelves of the reef were layered and brightened by sun shining down. The fish were big and colorful, undulating around and separating us from each other. It was complete paradise.

And there was Evan. He beckoned us to follow him deeper and deeper into the water. I can still remember it so clearly, his red swim shorts with white Hawaiian flowers drifting around as was his shaggy blonde hair. He floated in the middle of the sea, suspended underwater, between the ocean floor and the sparkling surface. He held his breathe like an advanced scuba diver would without an oxygen tank. He’d dive to the bottom and peek into the reefs and brush the sand. As adventurous and enthusiastic as he was about our experience at that moment, it reflected his love for life so long ago.

This is where I want to return some day to spread Evan’s ashes. He still rests in box, where only my father knows its location. We are not yet ready for him to leave home, but when we are I hope that we can make the trip back to this place I hold so fondly in my memory.

Evan would be happy there, swimming deeper and wanting more from life – want us to want more.

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    • Chika
    • August 20, 2014
    • Reply

    Great blog, Erin. I’ve never met your brother but I feel like I already know him through reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your brother’s memories. Love you!

      • Erin
      • August 21, 2014
      • Reply

      Thanks, Chika! That means a lot to me. You always read and comment, and I appreciate your support 🙂

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