This comment was far from spam

Spam. It used to be known as a delicious canned meat. This kind of spam is the common reason my mom calls.

She calls to read me comments from some troll telling about how great my blog is and how I should try their new product. I typically respond, ‘Ugh, Mom, that’s spam,’ because it is. But bless her non-tech savvy heart for being so supportive. Today, however, today she called to read me a comment that was far from spam. This comment was posted in response to my article on CNN and it is so special that I want to share it with all of you. A grateful mom writes:

Erin, Your article on CNN may have saved my son’s life. Your headline caught my attention and I opened it. I was stunned as I read about Evan, and felt as if I was reading about my own son. From the time he was two, he was the life of the party. The funny guy with a soul that lights up a room when he walks in. Built slim, he’s a runner. Creative, smart and gregarious, he’s friends with kids in many groups. And then one day his light started going out and I didn’t know why. I wanted to believe it would just come back on. He didn’t have anything to be sad about, not really, but what I realize now is depression isn’t always triggered by an event. Sometimes, it just slides into a person’s life and steals their joy and will to live. Even without a traceable reason, depression can be deadly. Never judge whether a person should be depressed or not. Regardless of why it happens, it is serious. I didn’t know this before I read your article. I told myself he was just feeling down and it would pass. At 14, it was probably just hormones. Your article led me to explore your blog and dig even deeper. I learned about warning signs and realized my son had almost all of them. As I write this, I’m sitting outside an intensive program at our area’s Children’s Hospital. We got our son the help he needed…and he needed it so much more than we realized. He was battling thoughts of suicide on a daily basis and he was exhausted. I’m in tears as I write this. He is graduating the program today. He’s armed with coping skills and a network of support including ongoing care. He wants to feel better and he’s on his way. He’s already stronger, and more able to express his feelings. He has hope, and he knows he’s not alone. His dad and I have learned tools we can use to help him, too. Thank you for bringing awareness to our family and to thousands of others you’ll never know you touched. Thank you for sharing your painful story that it may shine light into the darkness for others. You opened our eyes and our hearts with yours words and I am forever grateful.

How amazing this is that my bother’s story has helped someone. I have always hoped that it would. Through this blog, my writing and my sharing, Evan’s story helped this grateful mom’s family. I have no words, just a bittersweet feeling that although Evan is gone, he is helping me reach people in need.

To a grateful mom, thank you…for reading, for listening, for seeking help. My heart is with you.

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